When upgrading or enhancing an EHR system, healthcare organizations need added support and training for their clinicians and staff. Highly KLAS ranked for Epic EHR Go-Live Support and for overall EHR Go-Live Support, HCTec has partnered with more than 150 major health systems across the United States. Our proven four-phased methodology for EHR system implementation supports 360-degree EHR go-live project plans that enable organizations to achieve their clinical, quality, and financial goals.  HCTec’s experienced teams provide training and onsite support during EHR go-lives to avoid critical setbacks, strengthen adoption and improve end-user satisfaction.

HCTec’s four-phased plan for EHR Go-Live success includes:

  1. Planning & Analysis
    We gather all of the information necessary for a successful EHR implementation plan and ensure  the go-live effort is staffed and managed for maximum effectiveness. HCTec provides tailored  staffing and management of resources to each client’s specific needs.
  2. Onboarding
    We build teams to guarantee skills, ensure compliance and mitigate risk due to turnover.
  3. Resource Delivery
    Our on-site leadership uses real-time data to assess EHR go-live effectiveness, identify problems  and adjust staffing to ensure optimal levels for positive outcomes.
  4. Go-Live
    We combine multiple channels and methods into a comprehensive EHR implementation  communication plan, and we provide real-time feedback on the progress of end users with  progression analytics throughout the go-live. With this data, we can analyze and adjust staffing  levels to always ensure efficiency.

KLAS REVIEWS | HCTec Go-Live Support

“I would try really hard to work with HCTec for their go-live support again. My system requires me to get a quote from three vendors before starting a project, but the reality is that unless HCTec’s prices were dramatically higher than that of the other vendors, I would always choose to work with HCTec again. They have been an outstanding partner.” 
(CMIO | Jan 2021)

“We have hired HCTec for multiple consulting opportunities. There have been a lot of consultants that I have begged the firm to bring back, and they are always patient and willing to listen to the customer’s needs.”
(Manager | Dec 2020)

“The vendor was available to me at all times. We had very frequent communication, and our operational leaders were ecstatic with the deliverables. The firm found us ample candidates for our go-live, so they exceeded my expectations. Every time I asked for candidates, the vendor would vet them for me. I interviewed all of the candidates before they set foot on our campus. The things the vendor provided were good. They handled the logistics of the project well, and I am not an easy customer. They were transparent about how much time everyone was booking every day, and my team was able to audit that information in real time.” 
(Director | Nov 2020)

“The vendor’s strategic ability was fantastic. The vendor allowed us to do things that we thought were necessary, and they customized the program for us. They allowed us to do things the way we needed to do them. The mission was to have a successful go-live, and we had a successful go-live.” 
(Director | Nov 2020)

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