Managed Services Overview

An innovative approach that provides hospitals the ability to BOTH reduce their EMR support costs and increase project hours for the existing team.

HCTec Managed Services is both a virtual and physical IT organization that provides improved efficiency, reduced cost, and subject matter expertise to better deliver IT support functions. This offering leverages the use of state-of-the-art technology that blends with certified subject matter experts and operates as an extension of the health system.

Solving the EMR Challenge

There’s a high cost associated with the ongoing support of your EMR systems—mostly shouldered by your current IT staff.

Our Solutions

A combination of leveraged resource pools and skills from the EMR team housed in our Atlanta Service Center, intelligently managing simple maintenance vs. significant project work, and a passionate focus on eliminating inefficiencies inherent in most traditional HIT organizations.

Learn more by downloading our case study and webinar on Optimizing your EHR.

Organizations using HCTec’s Managed Service offering will realize the following benefits:

  • Significant increase in available project hours
  • Fixed operating expense for support related tasks
  • Reduction in overall spend related to your EMR
  • Specialized teams driving maximum efficiency at the best rate
  • Ability to pay for actual demand
  • Employee satisfaction increases due to appropriate skill level match to job performed

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