HCTec Direct offers a four-stage process for finding affordable IT candidates who are a great fit in the shortest time frame possible.

  1. Launch Hiring Process
    An HCTec IT recruiting expert works with clients to strategize about the IT staffing need and hiring process, including position requirements and timeline.
  2. Source Potential Candidates
    HCTec works with the client IT Recruiting Director through a fast-paced, structured transition from candidate presentation and review through interviews.
  3. Select and Hire Preferred Candidate
    After debriefing on top candidate interviews, HCTec facilitates the offer and assists with onboarding.
  4. Guarantee Success of Newly Hired Employee
    HCTec connects with client and new staffer after hiring, across the 90-day client satisfaction period and throughout the first year of employment.


“I have worked with a lot staffing firms in the past who only seem to be concerned with making a commission, but this was not the case with HCTec. I felt like they were genuinely concerned about finding me the right job with the right company, and they felt more like partners than recruiters. In the end, HCTec helped me find a great company to work for! I highly recommend HCTec to any company looking for a recruiter or any job seeker looking for a partner to help navigate the increasingly complicated job market.”
(EHR Application Specialist | Nov 2021)

“I had the distinct pleasure of working with an HCTec recruiter for my most recent role. As we all know, going through the motions of applying and interviewing for a new job can be intimidating, but HCTec helped the process feel seamless, communicating excellently throughout and helping candidates find the right fit. If given the opportunity to work with HCTec again in the future, I would be delighted to do so.”
(System Analyst | September 2021)

“HCTec recruited most of our team and did a phenomenal job with a short turnaround time. Every person they gave us worked out really well, whereas no one worked out from the other firm we went with. We had to onboard incredibly quickly. What we needed was pretty straightforward, and HCTec just gave us amazing people. They set up all the interviews for us, sent the résumés, let us screen them, set up all the interviews for us, asked for feedback after, and kept the whole pipeline full. They filled everything we needed in record time. For staffing, I would absolutely recommend HCTec. We are super happy.” 
(VP/Other Executive | Jan 2021)

“The consultant that HCTec brought in for our project has been great. This person just came from another project and was able to bring all of that project’s best practices and articulate how those practices would help our organization. This individual could clearly articulate and anticipate the questions that we ran into while doing our implementation. That person is a very experienced analyst.” 
(Director | Dec 2020)