HCTec Direct offers a four-stage process for finding affordable IT candidates who are a great fit in the shortest time frame possible.

  1. Launch Hiring Process
    An HCTec Technical Hiring Expert works with clients to strategize about the hiring process, including position requirements and timeline.
  2. Source Potential Candidates
    HCTec works with the client Recruiting Director through a fast-paced, structured transition from candidate presentation and review through interviews.
  3. Select and Hire Preferred Candidate
    After debriefing on top candidate interviews, HCTec facilitates the offer and assists with onboarding.
  4. Guarantee Success of Newly Hired Employee
    HCTec connects with client and new staffer after hiring, across the 90-day client satisfaction period and throughout the first year of employment.


If a candidate does not work out within 90 days, we will refund the salary and fee paid and provide a new slate of candidates.

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