HCTec Engagement Model

HCTec Engagement Model Infographic


Our health IT recruiting experts identify and screen qualified candidates to ensure their fit and client success. 

HCTec is recognized for our ability to recruit and staff for specialized healthcare IT skills. We have a growing database of over 50,000 vetted and qualified consultants and have built a time-tested process to qualify consultants’ skill sets, experience and career goals.

Whatever your needs, our healthcare IT recruiters are constantly working to find the best candidates and match them to your opportunity. We staff according to clients’ specific needs and ensure access to top talent, whether for temporary, contract-to-hire, or permanent placement requirements.

“Our culture is about cultivating relationships. It’s about investing in people, uncovering new opportunities, and leaving no stone unturned.”
– HCTec Director of Strategic Resourcing since 2018

HCTec’s Healthcare IT Staffing Engagement Model is unique to HCTec and a step above what you will find at other IT staffing agencies. We utilize our proven, consistent, and structured process to rapidly identify and place top quality candidates for our clients.

  1. Our IT Recruiting Experts Determine Client Best Fit, Solutions and Timelines.
    We first consult with the client about their IT staffing challenges and needs to create ideal candidate profile.
  2. We Then Screen and Qualify Candidates for Clients.
    We have a broad, far-reaching candidate pool from which we identify best-fit candidate matches.
  3. Our IT Recruiting Experts Only Present the Best Candidates.
    We provide a limited slate of highly recommended candidates whose combined skills and pricing match client needs and budgets, allowing them to choose from the cream of the crop.
  4. We Help Facilitate the Interview and Selection Process.
    Through our structured, efficient interview process, we guide clients through to candidate selection.
  5. We are There to Engage and Onboard New Staff.
    Our teams help initiate fast-track deployment, with focus on early effectiveness and candidate experience.
  6. We Cultivate Staff and Client Satisfaction to Encourage Redeployment.
    Our IT recruiting experts maintain ongoing engagement with our network of candidates even after they join a client organization to encourage performance and loyalty.


“We used HCTec for some staff augmentation. We needed some additional services and additional staff members to help out in a few different areas. I connected with HCTec because they are one of our top vendors to do staff augmentation, and we worked with them to get resources. In our most recent engagement, we unfortunately had quite a backlog with something because our team got pulled to work on COVID-19. HCTec was able to provide resources that were really able to help us get out of that backlog.”
(Director | Feb 2021)

“I would highly recommend HCTec. The vendor is very responsive and good at getting me the right person quickly.” 
(Director | Dec 2020)

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