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Our Nashville area-based IT Service Desk outsourcing support team is available 24x7x365 to field your organization’s IT-related questions, incidents and requests.

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EHR issues can overwhelm healthcare organization IT teams, but partnering with the wrong IT outsourcing provider can lead to inconsistent service and limited accessibility. At HCTec, we offer clients a reliable and cost-effective solution for IT Service Desk outsourcing support.

Our two state-of-the-art, HIPAA-secure, brick-and-mortar Service Centers are outfitted with redundant power and Internet to eliminate outage risks. The U.S.-based support team offers comprehensive solutions for IT Service Desk support available 24x7x365 by phone, email and live chat.

Our 100+ Tier 1 Service Desk staff members have been trained extensively and understand workflows.

HCTec’s IT Service Desk outsourcing support features include:

  • Escalation desk
  • Dedicated Client Services Manager
  • Dedicated agents with overflow pool agents
  • Triage of self-service tickets
  • Advanced knowledge of common application workflows
  • Use of client ticketing system
  • Robust quality and training teams
  • Daily call volume, SLA reporting, and advanced monthly analytics analysis
  • High first-call resolution rate
  • Customizable IVR
  • Advanced skills-based routing
  • Backed by Service Level Agreements exceeding industry standards
  • Help Desk Cost Assessment
HCTec team member working on the computer.

KLAS REVIEWS | HCTec Partial IT Outsourcing

“From a strategic perspective, we have worked together on some things with HCTec, and I have been able to outline the things that I see are coming up the pipe. We have been able to strategically mitigate some issues. I was able to reach out to my HCTec contacts and say that a certain area is not currently under their support. HCTec helped me so that there was a seamless transition. I am glad that I didn’t have to go out into the market to try to find anybody with a 30-day notice. I was able to get somebody in, and I already had somebody on through HCTec’s support. I have enjoyed the relationship thus far. It has been a win for all involved, including our organization, HCTec, and the team members that were hired by HCTec to do the support. I am satisfied.”
(VP/Other Executive | Dec 2020)

“HCTec is engaged with us based on our predicted call volume. What we need is what they provide, so they flex with us. They are very flexible and willing to meet our needs, and that goes a long way. They try really hard and are extremely collaborative, and we appreciate that. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, they have been very helpful and really interested in working with us. They have been extremely accommodating. I am not sure that all the service desk outsources are as collaborative. HCTec has a very good understanding of healthcare, and that is really important. They have clinical people on their executive teams. HCTec’s people understand our IT system management tools. The positives with HCTec are really strong.”
(VP/Other Executive | Nov 2020)

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