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Patients are the most important people in healthcare. Clients trust us to support these people, and we take that responsibility seriously.

How health systems support patient-facing technologies is a critical matter that can affect patient satisfaction and outcomes, hospital credibility, EHR ROI, health IT employee turnover and more. When a patient accesses a health portal, that hospital’s service and reputation are on the line.

HCTec’s dedicated Patient Portal Support team provides effective, customer-focused IT support. The specialists on our dedicated team are equipped to handle support calls at all hours of the day, while ensuring a professional, patient-friendly experience for your healthcare organization.

Every support professional on this team has extensive knowledge of who you are, your systems, and your procedures. The Patient Portal Support team understands the nuances of assisting patients with technology issues, making copays, and scheduling appointments. This team is backed up by a reserve staff already vetted for their aptitude to provide urgent supplemental IT support.

HCTec’s Patient Portal Support solution features:

  • U.S.-based Service Centers
  • Dedicated Service Delivery Manager
  • Triage self-service tickets
  • Advanced knowledge of common workflows
  • Escalation and resolution process
  • Dedicated agents with overflow agent pools
  • Daily and monthly performance reporting
  • Participate in customer satisfaction program
  • Backed by Service Level Agreements exceeding industry standards
  • Help Desk Cost Assessment
HCTec team member working on the computer.

KLAS REVIEWS | HCTec Partial IT Outsourcing

“HCTec is responsible for all the profiles in our system and for ensuring that proper access is set up because of the way our software is configured. HCTec is also working very closely with our providers and other end users to manage and maintain templates. The vendor works very closely with our analysts, and they understand how to give the analysts the right tools and access to do their job. No one is allowed to access the software until they complete their training and pass a proficiency evaluation. A report is generated, and even though the templates are already set up for ready access, the vendor activates the profiles. There is a lot of work behind that, even for a simple template. There is a lot of configuration maintenance that needs to happen within security.”
(Manager | Jan 2021)

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