Improve, Lower, Increase, Remove and Greater Infographic

By leveraging HCTec’s Healthcare Managed Services, clients can achieve: 

Improved IT Employee Retention and Satisfaction
Avoid the stress and employee burnout that occurs when IT support obligations continually conflict with strategic projects for staff time and attention.

Lower and More Predictable IT OPEX
Using HCTec Managed Services reduces the cost of providing basic IT support, especially when support volumes are variable. We make adding and adjusting temporary support more budget friendly.

Increased Service Quality and End User Satisfaction
Our staff maintains its focus on service quality and end user experience through the duration of every contact.

Reduced Burden of Managing Human Capital Lifecycle
Eliminate the time obligation and human resources costs of identifying, hiring and managing support staff by outsourcing your IT staffing to HCTec.

Greater Focus on Strategic Objectives and Innovation
When HCTec supports large volumes of clients’ basic IT outsourcing needs, in-house staff can apply their time and talent more fully to strategic projects that are going to make a difference for the organization.

KLAS REVIEWS | HCTec Partial IT Outsourcing

“I would definitely use the vendor again because of the relationship we have and the vendor’s willingness to work with us. I also like the pricing.” 
(Manager | Jan 2021)

“We have had a very good experience with HCTec. We have been able to work very well together. There are regularly scheduled meetings to touch base so that we can understand that our priorities are all the same. We have a regularly scheduled meeting with HCTec’s leaders, and we have another regular meeting with our assigned HCTec director so that we can make sure that there is an understanding of what is being worked on. I am able to evaluate the prioritization and things of that sort. HCTec has met expectations. I do have a good relationship and good contact with the more senior leadership, but that is not a regularly scheduled thing. With a relationship this size, I would say that having the senior leadership touch base is one of the best things for consistency.” 
(VP/Other Executive | Dec 2020)