Part time Contract StaffingMany healthcare organizations have identified functional needs within their IT organizations that are not large enough to justify a full-time person. HCTec’s IT contract staffing database includes candidates who want part-time contract positions, allowing healthcare organizations to add labor that meets their needs — and their budgets.


Some health systems use HCTec to test whether additional IT staffing will make an operational difference. A contract position is a less expensive and low risk way to investigate adding people or changing structure. For other clients who decide a contract candidate is a great fit, converting that person to a permanent hire is an easy, cost-effective change.


Clients regularly come to HCTec in need of specialized individual talent required to plan and lead important health IT initiatives. Our health IT consulting experts partner with clients to develop solutions for outstanding project challenges and to drive project success. Our high-level managers approach transformative healthcare technology projects with extensive subject matter expertise, deep institutional knowledge and substantial experience.


“It was a pleasure working with HCTec! The team was presented with a very complex hiring process and helped by simplifying it, checking in regularly, and ultimately following up months post-hire regarding fit and satisfaction. HCTec recruiters are true professionals in the process, and I cannot recommend working with them enough.”
(Clinical Intelligence Specialist | Nov 2021)

“The vendor was fairly priced, and the staff members were really good. The employees were excellent. The staff members that we wound up picking as consultants had the skills we needed. They were very dedicated to us. They acted as if they were our staff. We wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them and anybody else who was an FTE. The vendor’s people were well regarded and able to integrate very well with our team. They were subject matter experts; they were very good at what they did. They were able to hit the ground running, and that is what we needed. We like to bring on consultants that can just do the job without us having to train them because we don’t have any time or energy to train. We are looking for people who have the skill sets, maturity, and experience that we want, and the vendor’s people had those things. We felt really lucky.” 
(VP/Other Executive | Jan 2021)

“We looped the vendor in for a pretty complex project. The consultant we were provided was amazing and great. I would buy services from the vendor again.”
(Director | Nov 2020)

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