Explore HCTec’s Go-Live Methodology

When upgrading or enhancing an EMR system, health systems need added support and training for their clinicians and staff. HCTec has provided critical EMR and go-live support to 150 major health systems across the United States.

Using our proven four-phased methodology, HCTec develops 360-degree EMR go-live project plans, which enable organizations to reach their clinical, quality, and financial goals. Our experienced support teams also provide training and onsite support to avoid critical setbacks during implementation or go-live.

Find Out How HCTec Can Help You

HCTec has provided critical EMR and go-live support to 150 major health systems across the United States. View our case studies on our work with Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System and St. Luke’s Boise Medical Center to learn more about how HCTec provides end-to-end EMR implementation solutions.


EMR Training Services

KLAS Research demonstrates that prior to and after go-live, training programs are critical in driving EMR adoption and satisfaction. HCTec’s methodology is scalable, efficient, and effective in meeting the training demands of any client.

HCTec has one of the industry’s largest training teams comprised of trainers who are credentialed and/or certified in various EMR systems and modules. Approximately 75% of our team members have clinical or technical hospital backgrounds with approximately 35% of those individuals holding a clinical certification.

Continuous Go-Live Support

HCTec provides an unmatched team of trainers, analysts, specialists, and at-the-elbow (ATE) support staff for every step of the implementation, training, and go-live process.

HCTec also offers a variety of services that ease the burden of go-live and ongoing EMR support management. Working with our support staff frees up your team to practice at the top of their licensure, while focusing on clinical processes and strategic development.

Why choose HCTec for your implementation, training and go-live initiatives?

If you’re ready to discover how a specialized EMR solution can improve efficiency and increase revenue for your health system, contact us to learn more.


Phase 1: Preparation & Analysis

Onboarding & Travel Requirements

HCTec’s seasoned human resources team has onboarded thousands of go-live consultants. The team can adapt as needed using different systems with regards to your specific onboarding process.

During the planning phase, HCTec works with our corporate travel management partner to establish discounted group hotel rates for go-live projects. Because HCTec only uses known resources, we can book flights in advanced to secure the lowest economical fares. When applicable according to shift schedules and volumes, HCTec will use shuttle transportation and group carpooling.

Facility Walkthrough & Staffing Needs

Throughout the project, it is critical the go-live managers allocate staff based on anticipated and unanticipated demand. HCTec managers and other onsite leadership play an integral role in providing continuous communication to ensure effective staffing allocations are attained. This starts in the planning phase when HCTec managers work with your leadership to develop the staffing plan. The staffing plan is developed during an onsite walk through during which we visualize where staff members work, patients pass through, and providers give care. By visualizing the process, we make certain staffing levels are appropriate to deliver for the best, most cost-efficient, well-supported go-live services.

Phase 2: Onboarding

Staffing Process & Methodology

HCTec go-live teams are reliable, trusted, and proven on previous go-lives during many years. One of the most important aspects of HCTec screening is the requirement that teams are built from known, reliable resources that have proven themselves on previous HCTec training projects. When there is a need to add resources, our process follows strict guidelines:

Unique to HCTec, the 5-Star Certification Program gives you confidence in project delivery by requiring team members to have the following qualifications:

Compliance Requirements

HCTec will ensure all documents and information needed are completed before a consultant can begin his or her engagement.  Our resources will use our LMS to complete courses on customer service, HIPAA, and acknowledge HCTec’s consultant handbook. All compliance requirements will be reviewed during our web conferences. During web conferences, our management team will set proper expectations on all consultant deliverables such as:

Risk Mitigation & Personnel Management

Consultant turnover during go-lives may occur to occasional unforeseen events. HCTec’s turnover rates have averaged 1% or less within the last year. Despite low turnover, a risk mitigation plan is a necessity:


Phase 3: Resource Delivery

Our industry-leading healthcare IT and clinical leadership team combined with our superior go-live and program management resources provide the following services:

Go-Live Senior Activation Manager: A strong leadership team to handle your go-live is critical to ensuring all details are covered. Our organizational guidance also allows the team to focus on onsite issues. To be fully aware of what is happening in real time during a go-live, our team performs departmental rounding. HCTec meets with your IT leadership to identify and adjust staffing to ensure optimal levels for positive outcomes. This also enables us to receive real-time feedback from end users as well as directly observe how end users are interacting with the system and the support personnel.

Resource Managers: Resource Managers serve as the “eyes and ears” on the ground and serve as a liaison between themselves and the team leads. Resource Managers are some of our most trusted, well-known resources that have served in roles ranging anywhere from at-the-elbow (ATE) support to team lead to senior go-live management.

ATE Team Leads: Team leads serve as subject matter experts (SMEs) for each module. They are responsible for handling all issues and they escalate any needs or concerns for action. Team leads also serve as ATE support resources. Our team leads are experienced with our systems, tools and processes and require little or no ramp-up time to getting the project started. On average, there is one team lead for every 20-25 resources.


Phase 4. Go-Live

Go-Live Team Communication

HCTec’s go-live team uses a cloud-based channel communication technology to provide real-time conversation and feedback for entire teams or with team members. This communication system permits us to connect seamlessly with thousands of resources from the command center.

This system includes:

Direct communication from platform to smartphones, iPads, and computers



Organized Communication

HCTec Progression Analytics

HCTec provides real-time feedback on the progress of end users with progression analytics. Our automated reporting package gives you customized progression analytics based on department-specific requests and is also intended to show a daily progression of end users within each module. HCTec can then identify and track end users that are not at the same benchmark as their peers and identify any behavioral issues that may need to be escalated. Our standard progression analytics algorithm is designed with a 1 – 5 grading system.