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We incorporate lessons learned about communication, client relationships and resource needs to ensure successful EHR implementations for healthcare systems.

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EHR Implementations are critical to the success of an organization. HCTec understands what is involved, and what is at stake. We have developed efficient implementation models for healthcare-specific systems, powered by our unique capacity to provide clients with strategy and talent across multiple healthcare IT skill sets. We understand the value of creating a comprehensive EHR implementation plan to minimize the cost of implementing EHR systems while maximizing efficiencies. This is why HCTec was rated in the Top 5 in KLAS Research’s 2020 Implementation Leadership Report. Learn more here.


  • Specialized strategy to create an EHR implementation plan for each client
  • Scalable solutions to match any size EHR system implementation
  • Flexibility between hospital and HCTec resources to maximize efficiencies

HCTec can Implement SUCCESSFUL EHR Solutions in Healthcare Systems of All Sizes

HCTec incorporates client requirements, including a dedicated on-site program manager, specialized staffing and customized workflow development and support in any EHR implementation plan. Our methodology has been proven to successfully deploy EHR solutions for YOUR organizational initiatives.

We also manage scope and process to guarantee that each part of an EHR system implementation project receives the appropriate amount of service and dedication. HCTec uses scalable models that have been implemented effectively in healthcare systems of all sizes. Our approach dramatically improves software build outcomes and supports end-user adoption rates by streamlining clinical and business workflows.

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KLAS REVIEWS | HCTec HIT Implementation Leadership – Small

“HCTec’s pre-implementation planning was amazing. They did a great job. We had a fabulous senior project manager, and everything was coordinated exceedingly well. From a leadership perspective, there were zero problems that went unresolved as long as we made HCTec aware of them. Within 24 hours, every problem was solved, and that just doesn’t happen very often with other vendors.”
(CMIO | Jan 2021)

“I always felt safe and supported by HCTec throughout the COVID-19 crisis. I don’t think that there is anything more than they could have done to help us.”
(Director | Nov 2020)

“HCTec allowed us to take risks and do things differently than other installation vendors had before. We could take challenges and adjust, and HCTec gave us open, honest feedback. I loved that. I had certain requests that I wanted HCTec to work with, and they worked with me on every one of the requests and gave me the custom solution that I sought. HCTec supported me in everything. I couldn’t ask them to do any more than they did, so we had a highly successful project. The installation was great, and I can’t speak highly enough of HCTec. I really enjoyed the work.”
(Director | Nov 2020)

“We have had a true partnership with HCTec, and I have appreciated everything HCTec has done. For future projects, I am always going to look at another vendor, but for right now, it is hard to move to a different vendor when HCTec knows how to work with me. I am already recommending HCTec to my peers.”
(Director | Nov 2020)

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