We provide the people who can make your technology work for you

Given the challenges facing healthcare in all directions, from clinician shortages to financial pressures, finding a team of people for a new HIT initiative may be close to impossible for many organizations. HCTec specializes in assembling and managing teams devoted to completing critical healthcare technology projects. Here are some examples:

Technology Deployment
For one client involved in a system merger, we supplied an army of deployment technicians to make sure IT systems and hardware were consistent across the new organization.

ERP/Business Applications
HCTec helped clients challenged by their ERP and business applications ensure they were getting the most out of their operational investments.

Healthcare Data Architecture & Systems
HCTec healthcare data experts have helped clients needing to extract, integrate, and interpret data connected to new and legacy EHR systems. We understand healthcare data at a fundamental level and have worked with multiple health systems to architect, design, develop, and support effective business intelligence, data analytics, and patient/provider portal applications.

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