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Provider Database Maintenance

HCTec assists with EHR provider database maintenance through a team of specialized subject matter experts that ensure providers have the correct level of system access when they need it.

Many healthcare organizations struggle with managing the timely setup and maintenance of providers within their electronic health record (EHR). While there are many benefits to using an EHR, if providers don’t have adequate access to use the system, it can delay treatment, increase the potential for medical errors, and cause provider dissatisfaction.

Delays often result because the typical database maintenance process is decentralized with multiple analysts assisting at different points. It may be a multistep process with multiple environments requiring updates so that the provider appears in the test, training, and production environments. Provider setup can become even more challenging during volume spikes after an influx of residents or during an acquisition.

HCTec streamlines this process with our industry-leading Provider Database Maintenance Team. For a smooth and timely process, coordination is necessary with credentialing and operations to validate and gather all necessary information. After all, providers can’t wait on system access when providing patient care.

Our Provider Database Maintenance Team features:

  • 24x7x365 support
  • A centralized and defined integrated solution and process
  • Necessary EHR certifications
  • Familiarity with credentialing systems, ERPs, SureScripts, and identity and access management solutions
  • Expertise with most major EHRs including Epic, Cerner and MEDITECH
  • Quick deployment in just three months
  • Ability to work within clients’ ticketing system
  • Flexible pricing
  • Service-level backed
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