Phase 3: Resource Delivery

Our industry-leading healthcare IT and clinical leadership team combined with our superior go-live and program management resources provide the following services:

Go-Live Senior Activation Manager: A strong leadership team to handle your go-live is critical to ensuring all details are covered. Our organizational guidance also allows the team to focus on onsite issues. To be fully aware of what is happening in real time during a go-live, our team performs departmental rounding. HCTec meets with your IT leadership to identify and adjust staffing to ensure optimal levels for positive outcomes. This also enables us to receive real-time feedback from end users as well as directly observe how end users are interacting with the system and the support personnel.

Resource Managers: Resource Managers serve as the “eyes and ears” on the ground and serve as a liaison between themselves and the team leads. Resource Managers are some of our most trusted, well-known resources that have served in roles ranging anywhere from at-the-elbow (ATE) support to team lead to senior go-live management.

ATE Team Leads: Team leads serve as subject matter experts (SMEs) for each module. They are responsible for handling all issues and they escalate any needs or concerns for action. Team leads also serve as ATE support resources. Our team leads are experienced with our systems, tools and processes and require little or no ramp-up time to getting the project started. On average, there is one team lead for every 20-25 resources.