It’s championship football season and whether you’re cheering for the Patriots or the Eagles, the game often comes down to the quarterback, who is coolest under pressure and can marshal the right resources when the game is on the line.  The quarterback is critical and on the field for every play, while other players shuttle in and out based on certain game situations.

Choosing your EHR implementation partner is much like selecting the right quarterback.  Your implementation partner works as the conductor of the orchestra of software providers, professional services firms and your own IT and clinical teams.  To deliver the optimal continuity and return on investment, we strongly recommend choosing a single source implementer in which you have the utmost confidence.

There are many benefits to having one trusted, full-service partner that understands the entire breadth of the implementation and delivers an end-to-end consulting and workforce resource solution. Like an elite quarterback who innately reads the defense and adjusts on the spot, your trusted partner identifies risks and establishes mitigation plans before they become crises. They manage all the human capital needed (without subcontracting resources) to deliver the expected outcomes and identify cross-functional teams that understand current workflow, policies and procedures.

Your partner’s playbook includes strong project leadership and best practices from dozens of similar implementations at leading healthcare organizations across the country.  They also help you build consensus amongst your leadership teams and drive training and change management processes with your end users

Your partner brings the right tools to overcome the hurdles presented in major EHR initiatives including the creation of organizational governance, validation session assistance, a superior staffing/recruiting engine, pre/post optimization and training, go-live teams as well as legacy application support and data conversions.

I hope you enjoy watching the elite quarterbacks work their magic this post-season, and I always encourage you to see our elite teams in action by visiting our Resource Center.  Let’s connect to see how we can deliver results for you across a wide range of information technology and revenue cycle projects.