The holidays are fast approaching and you are no doubt planning for the new year. Has your EMR been naughty or nice?  Chances are, the answer is “yes” … i.e., both. Your IT team and organization love the new functionality and data analysis opportunities the new EMR delivers. And as more of your clinical staff is adopting the system, new requests for features and functions are landing on your desk. But your team is still tasked with supporting the EMR, leaving little time for optimizing and continual improvement. Is a dedicated second EMR enhancement team on your holiday wish list?

It’s time to think differently about your IT team and their focus. If you are like most healthcare organizations, the members of the highly skilled IT team who launched your EMR are the very same folks who know the most about it, and therefore are asked to continue to help support it. Those unexpected additional support tasks create disruption and inefficiency for your team, forcing them to frequently switch between project tasks and support work. To make a bad situation worse, your skilled people are becoming increasingly frustrated and turnover is beginning to rise.

The standard fix? Hire more employees or consultants. But highly specialized skillsets are difficult to find, and the time and money needed to hire, transition and train a new full-time employee to an acceptable level of productivity is estimated by our clients at six months and upwards of $170,000 per new employee. Consultants are not a long-term fix either, with fees as high as $175 per hour. Unfortunately, the CFO at your hospital is not named Kris Kringle.

Instead, imagine a way to simultaneously save money while supporting your EMR needs so your IT team can get back to what they do best—optimizing the system. I would put that at the top of my wish list!

Partnering with an external organization that acts as an extension of your IT team to support your EMR can be the perfect solution. Add to that one that saves your organization an average 25% on your technical, clinical and patient portal EMR support costs is sure to bring good cheer to finance and IT execs alike.

If this sounds like a gift you would like to receive this season, let’s connect to discuss, or you can check out HCTec’s recent award-winning case study.