What You Need to Know to Be “In the Know”

Are you “in the know” when it comes to healthcare case management? Ready to tackle the challenges of value-based care models with a focus on improving patient care, while continuing to increase revenue? If so, having best-in-class case management experts on your team is more important now than ever.

Your leadership team is asking you the tough questions like, “How can our hospital improve patient care and maximize revenue—without adding headcount?”

One answer is to incorporate case management under revenue cycle operations. Hospitals that are organized in this manner are continuing to see gains in revenue despite an ever-changing environment. Case managers see patients from a holistic perspective. They follow patients throughout the entire process—working with clinical document improvement (CDI) specialists to ensure proper code use, keeping patients on track for recovery, and reducing or eliminating readmissions. In value-based care, these tasks are critical to ensure maximum reimbursements are paid quickly and accurately, costs per patient are effectively managed, and penalties are kept to a minimum.

Now, what about that headcount question? Your internal team is likely fully utilized, so who is going to do all this great work?

Forward-thinking healthcare systems are supplementing their full-time staff with contract case managers when needed. A traveling case manager can help seasonally or when your patient census is higher than normal, like during cold and flu season.

HCTec employs highly skilled case managers who positively impact financial performance, operations efficiency, and clinical quality while maintaining the highest level of care. We understand that when you have vacancies in key positions or increased workloads, it can drastically affect the quality of patient care and your ability to reach operational goals. HCTec quickly responds to your immediate need for experienced and qualified talent.

If you’d like your hospital to be more “in-the-know,” the experts at HCTec have a top-talent workforce at the ready. Let’s work together to guide your hospital to the best solution for your case management needs.