We often marvel as athletes at the top of their game make championship execution and results look almost effortless.  The reality inside the uniform is of course much different and requires years of focus, training, repetition and analysis of key data points and on field processes.  Have you examined how your process performance can become championship caliber?  In a nutshell, that is what we call “Process Intelligence.”

Effectively re-creating any process flow in the healthcare environment requires the ability to re-interpret individual data points in the context of time.  Decision makers are therefore left to solve performance issues by relying on intuition and sampling-based workflow analysis. What they need is a way to look at the underlying process data.  But how can you turn your systems’ data in actionable performance improvement?

The same way professional athletes do—by studying past performance and identifying costly mistakes and inefficient processes that cause undesirable results.  Process intelligence tools reconstruct business and clinical processes into interactive models that easily identify those mishaps.  The trick is to combine events sourced from many different systems in such a way to enable the end-to-end analysis of processes even when different steps are performed across multiple systems of record.  The result is a dynamic model that provides a baseline for ongoing compliance and key metric monitoring.

The right process intelligence approach automates the discovery, analysis and monitoring of customer interactions, as well as alignment with internal processes through the following services:

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