Health systems across the country are quickly becoming overwhelmed by the massive undertaking of vaccine administration.

From an influx of calls, emails and texts related to vaccine inquiries and scheduling, to the time-intensive task of creating thousands of new patient portal accounts for those who don’t have them, vaccine administration has become an enormous undertaking.

Not only are service desks being overrun, but scheduling is also a challenge, as the high volume of vaccine scheduling is hampering general health and elective appointment scheduling, which could result in a loss of revenue for health systems. Many clients have a significant concern that the extreme volume of calls alone could entirely shut down the hospital’s phone system – leading to patient safety ramifications as well.

Coordination of the vaccine’s second dose is also proving to be troublesome. A high percentage of patients are not coming back for their second dose at some systems, which is causing concern for both patient health and hospital reimbursements. Proactive planning and consistent communication are key to ensuring that patients don’t fall off the radar, but many health systems are simply too overwhelmed.

HCTec offers the expertise, people and technology necessary to support this important work. 

We are partnering with health systems across the country, taking the burden off internal teams, and helping them create and execute comprehensive plans to more efficiently manage the process from beginning to end.

We offer more than just extra labor. Our highly skilled and trained service desk agents are supported by redundant, state-of-the-art, U.S.-based service centers offering multi-channel capabilities with phone, email and chat available 24x7x365.

We have expertise in developing plans and building teams to handle the high volume of inquiries, scheduling and patient portal management that come with such a massive project.

By partnering with us, health systems can approach vaccine administration with confidence and capitalize on the opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of people with the life-saving vaccine, strengthen existing patient relationships and gain new market share.

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