Data services is a complex and constantly changing field. Because of the constant change, data conversion firms and vendors are in high demand. As a healthcare system leader, it is necessary to understand the data conversion process, define your data details and expectations and ask the right questions up front to ensure the highest degree of accuracy during your conversion.

Of all processes within a data conversion project, testing and validation are always the tallest hills to climb. Below are questions you should ask and answer to ensure data validation go smoothly and efficiently.

Step 1: Detail a Plan

Creating a roadmap for data validation is the best way to keep the project on track. In order to create an effective roadmap and project plan, there are lots of questions that need to be answered.

Step 2: Validate the Database

This step of testing and validation ensures that all applicable data is present from source to target. Consider it a basic reconciliation of raw numbers.

Step 3: Validate Data Formatting

When a transformation takes place within clinical systems, legal compliance is key. This can include maintaining page-breaks in text reports, inclusion of overlays for formatting of headers and footers, and verifying additional elements such as signature blocks and macro driven sections of text.

Step 4: Sampling

Before converting data, you need to test it. But how much should you use for the validations mentioned above? Answer these questions to find out.

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