Hospital systems have a way to make staffing less expensive, less time-consuming and more flexible. They realize the time is now to bolster their infrastructure.

As hospitals consider ways to build out their own telehealth offerings with the current and future demand for  virtual services, they’re more motivated than ever to bolster their IT teams.

Many hospitals were not  prepared for a 200% surge in telehealth visits, but health IT leaders now have an opportunity to manage resources in a way that ensures high-quality care, improves efficiency and speed, and maximizes telehealth reimbursements. Smart advancement requires not just technology, but also people with hard-to-find skills and specialized talent to drive it.

The key is to shape telehealth staffing to fit your specific needs. That’s true whether you’re looking to fill a few gaps quickly with local talent or aiming to build out your systems more comprehensively. No matter what level of staffing you need, you don’t have to handle it alone.

HCTec has a proven, consistent, structured process to identify, screen and place top-quality candidates who bring specific skill sets and experience levels. These include network engineers and architects, cloud engineers, UI interface developers, IT security pros, and others who build and support telehealth encounters.

Our recruiters continually survey the market, speak to hiring managers, monitor job boards and engage with candidates. We maintain a nationwide database of over 90,000 qualified consultants. That can be a powerful pipeline for you, especially given how quickly we can help through our HCTec Flex (temporary contract or project-based) or HCTec Direct (permanent placement) services.

We trust these professionals — and our staffing solution — and provide a full guarantee for contracted placements to ensure your expectations are met.

To learn more about how HCTec can support your telehealth deployment and increasing patient demands, reach out to your account executive today.