The Secret That One Third Of Hospitals Already Know

One-third of hospitals across the country have a secret they are using to improve quality and reduce costs—without affecting headcount. Their secret? Using a domestic, contract coding workforce to enable optimized management of their health information in a way that benefits both the hospital’s full-time staff and its bottom line.

What are the biggest benefits of hiring skilled, outsourced coding consultants?

Flexible, On-Demand Workforce

It can be difficult to find qualified, experienced coders, especially when your health system experiences ebbs and flows in patient census. This is why forward-thinking hospitals hire coding consultants. Based upon demand, they can supplement existing staff with little or no onboarding time.

Maximize Hospital Revenue

When medical records are coded properly by experienced consultants, your hospital maximizes its revenue. Choose a partner that employs top quality, U.S.-based coders and clinical documentation improvement (CDI) specialists fully immersed in the latest technology and industry trends.

Educate Physicians

During the past decade, many hospitals have expanded their footprint by acquiring physician practices and urgent care clinics within their communities. Since 2015, claims data from these areas is being collected for value-based payments, which makes it important to ensure physician coding is done properly and delivers the best value for your healthcare network.

HCTec has deep experience in healthcare staffing, placing thousands of Coding, CDI, Cancer Registry, Trauma Registry, and Auditing professionals in leading providers across the country.

Are you ready to become a part of the 33% improving quality and reducing costs? Check out what we have done for Saint Francis Health System and let’s discuss how we can help address your needs.