It’s that time of year again. What are your EHR resolutions—To increase adoption? To consolidate to one platform? To optimize your current system?

No matter what your goals and resolutions are, your ability to achieve them is largely dependent on your team and available resources. And chances are, the lengthy list of requests for optimization and other EHR workflow enhancements have already surpassed your team’s ability to efficiently deliver them.

We have former hospital CIOs on staff at HCTec and they consistently tell me when they were in the seat, they invariably spent much more time and money keeping their ships afloat and supporting existing needs than was spent investing for the future and building the best boat for the next destinations.

Of course, it is a necessity to tend to the daily basic maintenance requirements, but the trick is to ensure they do not encroach on your ability to continually make improvements through optimization efforts and to address the many needs and desires identified by your core EHR users. In addition to improving the employee experience and patient care, those optimization efforts can be real competitive differentiators and efficiency drivers.

Assuming you agree with the worthiness of resolving to optimize, there is still that pesky question of resources. How are you going to create the hours when your staff is stretched thin and feeling the stress of doing more with less? That’s where a trusted partner like HCTec can help. Transfer the “uncool” support and other maintenance tasks to our skilled team members to keep the existing systems running smoothly so your skilled resources can get energized to tackle your highest internal priorities and new challenges.

There are many different models you can design to achieve your optimization resolutions. Just like any successful resolution, think big, but start with accomplishable tasks. Solving one issue at a time will soon lead to dramatic changes and improved morale with your internal team!

If you are committed to changing the status quo, let’s connect to discuss, or you can check out HCTec’s recent award-winning case study.