The COVID-19 pandemic has driven significant change in health care, creating operational challenges and uncertainty for providers and the patients they serve. More than ever, it is crucial for health systems to deliver on the promises of excellent services, support, experiences and outcomes for both patients and providers – keeping focus on missions and not worrying about IT systems performance.

Maintaining this focus is often easier said than done. COVID-19 has introduced a number of new challenges for health systems, including a surge in IT support needs and concerns about cybersecurity and patient privacy related to rapid-fire, widespread adoption of telehealth.

On top of all that, a swift transition to remote work for thousands of employees adds unexpected challenges, requiring new connectivity and communication strategies, and flexibility in staffing, to keep business running as usual.

At HCTec, we support the IT needs of leading health care systems across the country – and we have for over 10 years.

We have assisted our health system partners through the pandemic by deploying specialized healthcare IT talent to address these challenges. Our work allows our partners to spend more of their time and resources on what they do best: supporting providers to deliver a high level of clinical care and driving positive outcomes and experiences for patients.

24x7x365 Help Desk Support

Through our Managed Services Tier 1 support, we have seen a surge of requests – more than a 700% increase during the pandemic – for assistance related to telehealth needs of both patients and providers.  Our team of HIT experts has taken on that surge – through setup, management, and optimization of patient portals and other supporting telehealth technology – allowing for speedy resolution of patient encounters.

Flexible Staffing Options

COVID-19 also has created a need for more flexible staffing models for our health system partners, many IT teams were reduced and/or transitioned to remote-work situations. Through HCTec’s Direct and Flex staffing options, our health system partner can acquire highly qualified and certified HIT talent on demand, providing them with flexibility to scale teams and operational or project staffing as needed.

HIT Consulting

Providing access to health services via new technologies opened a “digital front door” that created new security risks for health care systems. HCTec’s specialized healthcare IT consultants were on board to tackle security and privacy concerns that have arisen. Through system evaluation, risk assessment, security audits, and other advisory services, HCTec can offer both broad market intelligence and targeted, practical strategies to reduce exposure and effectively manage secure patient and system data.

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