Planning and Delivering a Fully-Staffed EHR Implementation Team

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In 2015, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System (SRHS) began planning to implement a new EHR (Epic), and determined that internal resources were not sufficient to execute the project independently.

Spartanburg is an integrated healthcare delivery system located in South Carolina. They are the largest healthcare provider in their primary/secondary service areas and, as a community-based healthcare organization, they support a high level of need-based care.

HCTec delivered to Spartanburg a team of highly-skilled Epic IT resources, Credentialed Trainers and other go-live support personnel that complemented internal staff to ensure a seamless implementation.


Preparing for an Epic build requires a core team of dedicated IT staff, as well as supplemental resources, to maintain an efficient timeline and meet go-live deadlines. SRHS lacked the internal resources and core competency necessary for implementation and go-live. The Epic build would be a struggle without the help of outside support.

SRHS leadership was determined that the healthcare system would continue to provide a quality experience for their employee population and maintain community wellbeing. SRHS desired a partner who could fill gaps throughout the course of the project. HCTec offered a viable support solution that would provide resources for the project from the beginning of planning through to go-live.

HCTec has a great reputation along with full-scale capabilities. They provided us with high-caliber Epic build, training & go-live experts in a timely manner, including a top-notch Program Director.

Spartanburg Regional Health System CIO Harold Moore


HCTec supported the guiding principles developed by SRHS for the implementation. Recruiting, staffing, training and retention plans, as well as a governance strategy were developed together. After outlining a timeline for the Epic build, HCTec quickly sourced and placed 45 build analysts to begin work on implementing the new EHR. As the project progressed, HCTec provided additional consulting resources, totaling more than 250 consultants who worked alongside internal staff for training and go-live support.

This solution ultimately offered a strong partnership with SRHS because the staff could rely on HCTec for planning, build, training, technical readiness, and physician support during go-live.

Credentialed and Reserve Trainers

SRHS internal staff required training, but as the launch date approached, SRHS needed to find feasible methods for lessening implementation costs and remaining within their projected budget.

As a specialized company that is focused solely on healthcare, HCTec has developed a Reserve Trainer program comprised of specialized trainers with healthcare industry experience who are trained as fully Credentialed Trainers (CTs) alongside experienced CTs. The cost to utilize the program is lower than the standard Credentialed Training team. HCTec offered the Reserve Training program as a solution that enabled SRHS to realize significant cost savings, without sacrificing the success of their implementation strategy.


HCTec partnered with the Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System to assist with all aspects of their EHR implementation, making the project HCTec’s largest to date. HCTec offered an array of solutions and services that handled each step of the project. The phased implementation was completed on time and within SRHS budget, with a properly trained staff to maintain the new system.

Post implementation, due to HCTec’s proven track record, SRHS continued to leverage HCTec to provide skilled resources to supplement internal staff on an as-needed basis.