As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, patients and doctors require MyChart assistance that’s professional and consistent. The use of telehealth platforms and MyChart features have moved from a convenience to a necessity.

For hospitals, the push to virtual care means providing even more value. That value needs to spread to all MyChart users, including physicians now working remotely and troves of patients just logging in for the first time (and anytime, day and night).

This brings up an important question: Does your IT team have the capacity to support the spike in demand from new MyChart users? When it comes to capacity, the ticket queue is a good clue as teams spend more time setting up new accounts, resetting passwords, educating new MyChart enrollees, helping doctors with audio and video needs, and more.

You want to focus on bigger initiatives, and that’s why having dedicated service desk support is so important. HCTec helps to free up limited IT resources that are stretched thin while making sure the hospital’s brand and service reputation are well-protected. Our MyChart team is specifically dedicated to the tool, selected based on their ability to provide excellent service and support to all users, and is highly trained to help with everything from portal setup and patient navigation to full service desk and application support.

Our specialty means satisfaction. HCTec’s patient portal support has an eye-opening 98% resolution rate, and our MyChart services are all-inclusive.

HCTec’s Managed Services business unit is ready to deploy as an extension of your hospital’s IT department. Learn more about turning MyChart into your triumph with our patient contact center support and contact us today.