Healthcare systems and providers play an invaluable role in our society, and that’s now more evident than ever in the world of COVID-19. HCTec has the privilege of working with these amazing organizations across the country whose services ultimately impact our friends, family, and neighbors. Our work helps shape the future of healthcare, and we’re dedicated to our mission of discovering, developing and delivering dynamic people and innovative solutions to enhance healthcare service and patient care.

I have long been a fan of Simon Sinek, and in his latest book, Infinite Game, he writes about the importance of mission, or in his terms, “Just Cause.” It is the “Why”, the higher calling behind what we do, and the value we receive from our work beyond compensation. You can hear his comments on the topic in this short video: Just Cause | THE 5 PRACTICES.

HCTec serves as an important partner to healthcare systems across the country, many of which are not-for-profit organizations – by definition, mission-driven institutions serving the greater good of their communities. We take that responsibility to heart as we provide solutions that directly impact their operations and help improve the quality of patient care. When we take time to reflect on the impact of our work, it is inspiring, and it invigorates our teams to continue to give their best because we know that we are helping move healthcare forward.

One clear example of this is our efforts, on very short notice, to enable and deploy large teams to work in the trenches with several high-profile health systems as they navigate the massive undertaking of administering the COVID-19 vaccine to their patient populations. This includes communicating with patients, answering COVID-19 vaccination questions, scheduling vaccinations, and providing patient portal support for hundreds of thousands of patients. HCTec’s CIO Rob Dreussi recently penned a piece in The Tennessean on what healthcare systems can do to prepare for these challenges.

This pandemic has put a lot of stress on nearly every aspect of our lives, and I’m proud that we can be part of the solution to getting our world back on track. Our work is driving the operations that will get the COVID-19 vaccine distributed to patients across the country, bringing us one step closer to normalcy. That’s why we do what we do at HCTec.

We’re kicking off a series of posts to highlight some of HCTec’s work, how it furthers our mission and our clients’ missions, and how we are making a difference together. I look forward to sharing these stories. In the meantime, please reach out if you have any questions or would like to know more about HCTec. I would enjoy hearing from you.