HCTec was featured in a Nashville Post article highlighting the transition healthcare organizations are facing due to COVID-19. In an effort to contain the virus, healthcare providers are being forced to have a renewed focus, keeping the pandemic at the base of all their decision making. One of the major adjustments is the emphasis being placed on telehealth for patient treatment and the increased need for support for all patient facing technologies, allowing safer communication for both patients and physicians since there is no physical contact involved. This rapid shift leaves everyone wondering what will happen with telemedicine once we are through the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the article in Nashville Post, HCTec CEO, Bill Grana, predicts that telehealth will likely become more “mainstream” and that there is a chance other areas of healthcare may take a step back as a result. As hospitals and healthcare providers are being forced to adjust during COVID-19 and beyond, industry experts agree that keeping systems up to date will be the best way to adjust with the times, and provide the best care possible to patients.

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