The IT Service Desk is a highly important function in any hospital, but is it something your hospital should be famous for?

Running a Service Desk is hard work — from training (and retraining) team members, juggling work schedules to ensure coverage, delivering outstanding customer service, orienting new hires, and supporting an increasing number of calls from clinicians and patients.

While the Service Desk is very important, most senior health IT pros we talk to would rather be well known for optimizing their hospital’s technology and maximizing the ROI of its EHR system.

That’s why leaders at more than 1,000 hospitals are focusing on their big-picture missions. By partnering in a managed services relationship with a group that serves as a dedicated extension of their hospital’s IT team, hospitals are able to focus on optimizing their technology while maximizing ROI.

With the right managed services partnership, you don’t have to spend time figuring out the best way to handle a technical query at the Service Desk. You don’t have to check off a to-do list box labeled “Find a Way to Handle Spikes in Call Volume.” And you don’t have to worry about your clinicians or patients having an outstanding customer service experience. Instead, you are freed to focus on what truly moves the needle — optimizing your EHR.

Choosing a trusted, consultative, proven managed services partner is important. To that end, HCTec will take time to understand your culture, direction and challenges, and then collaborate with you on the best way to completely support your EHR so your IT team has the freedom to optimize it.

Experienced analysts who are highly trained in both technical and “soft” customer service skills will help you attain a clearer desk and a clearer mind as they deliver 24-hour Service Desk and application maintenance and support. With the customer experience at top of mind, HCTec’s 200 professionals support about 45,000 EHR users and handle 1,600 service requests and 3,500 maintenance tasks a month.

Let us help you become famous for the right thing. Let’s connect to discuss, or you can download our CHIME award-winning whitepaper.