Physician burnout is a well-documented topic and area of concern for hospitals in the modern EHR era.  But what about the IT teams that are tasked with supporting this new technology?  More than ever, health IT professionals are under the microscope, on the clock 24/7/365 to support mission critical EHRs. The big-picture goals are critical — optimizing technology, maximizing the value of EHR systems, helping to boost physician engagement and more.

It’s no wonder health IT leaders and their teams feel stressed. Dive deeper into trends like meaningful use stage 3 requirements and the rising complexity and volume of IT and application support calls, and you feel the true magnitude of the stress.

More than half of health IT respondents to a recent survey published in HIStalk said they’re burned out because of workload and time. It’s a short path from there to the costly issues of employee turnover and patient dissatisfaction.

Yet many forward-thinking hospitals are staving off the burnout problem and choosing to empower their teams to focus on what they do best. As they aim for ways to optimize technology, they don’t want highly skilled managers to be pulled into routine IT and application support queries. It’s difficult to keep your eye on big picture strategic initiatives when your team is heads down resolving dozens of service tickets every day.

“Giving people back the time to do work that drives the company’s success will pay huge dividends by raising productivity, increasing productive output and reducing burnout,” says Eric Garton, co-author of the book Time, Talent, Energy. “Everybody wins.” Leaders and their employees are free to concentrate on core strengths and goals.

That is exactly what happens when hospitals select the right Managed Services partnership to support their critical EHR technologies and related-applications. Instead of feeling burned out, health IT teams are fueled by having more time to deliver on high value add strategic activities.

HCTec has a large Managed Services business unit that acts as an extension of hospitals’ IT departments, providing 24-hour Service Desk and Application Support delivered by certified and highly skilled U.S.-based staff in our physical support centers. These folks are trained to create positive experiences, certified by groups like HDI that teach clear communication, conflict resolution and other best practices.

Your health IT team deserves to be positioned for success. Instead of dealing with burnout, partner with a group that acts as an extension of your team — and enables your team to shine.

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