COVID-19 drove businesses of all kinds to adopt – or adapt to – new technologies to stay in business. Few industries required a rate of adoption – and adaptation – as fast as the one faced by the health care sector.

Now on the fast-track to digital transformation in part due to the pandemic, health systems are extending their service offerings and investing to improve the digital experiences for their patients. Consumers enjoy high quality digital experiences in their daily lives in the banking, travel and retail worlds, and healthcare providers are now focused on bringing them the same seamless experience to patients’ health journey.

In order to do that, providers must ensure that they can digitally deliver the same the level of excellent patient care they deliver in person, as well as provide patients with access to their health records and allow them to check lab results, make appointments, refill prescriptions, and pay their medical bills all online. This digital experience also includes services such as telehealth and remote patient monitoring. Health systems have had to quickly support this transition to digital delivery of care and services and guarantee an easy-to-navigate journey from end-to-end.

Enter the Digital Product Manager.

Because of this, digital product managers (also known as digital project managers) are more valuable than ever, and at HCTec, we have deep experience in finding the right talent to fill this position in health systems across the country. A digital product manager is hired to guide the planning, development, implementation, and management of digital solutions for consumer and patient transactions. This person takes complete ownership of transformative digital projects from concept through launch – sourcing vendors, managing project scope and budget, creating actionable work plans, identifying clear and measurable success criteria, and leading workstreams and tactics in a timely and effective manner.

The digital product manager also wears many hats – as a business analyst, communicator, people person, manager, leader, and strategist all rolled into one – and the role requires a specialized skillset that can be hard to find.

Luckily, that’s what we specialize in at HCTec – delivering hard-to-find healthcare IT talent for health systems across the United States. And we have a deep bench of candidates with proven success in leading health systems.

Are you looking for someone to lead your organization’s digital transformation?

In addition to top-notch talent and flexible options, HCTec delivers on a Service Promise that ensures prompt responsiveness (within 48 hours) to staffing requests with a selection of qualified candidates personally vetted by our subject matter experts. And our Performance Guarantee ensures that if a new hire is not a fit during their first 40 hours, HCTec will pay for the time worked and provide a replacement for free.

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