While virtual care doesn’t have quite the same funding that EMR had with meaningful use, there are a lot of similarities to where we’re at today with virtual care as compared to where we were with EHR back when the government poured down $36 billion of stimulus money on EMR. Thanks to COVID and new reimbursement for telehealth, there’s been a frenzy of activity as healthcare organizations try to understand how they should approach virtual care in their organization.

At the HIMSS21 annual conference, Healthcare IT Today sat down with Bill Grana, Chief Executive Officer at HCTec, and Monica Bolbjerg, MD, Founder and CEO at Qure4u, to get their first hand perspectives on telemedicine.  They were asked to share something about virtual care that not enough people are talking about.  Plus, they talked about reimbursement for telehealth and what’s going to continue regardless of reimbursement.

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