Since the signing of the emergency medical spending bill on March 6, both Medicare and private insurance companies have loosened restrictions on telehealth reimbursement, opening doors to virtual primary care and emergency patient visit capabilities for healthcare providers.

Telehealth and virtual care solutions can expand access to care and timely treatment for patients and is widely beneficial to providers and patients alike, but the biggest looming question is if your IT team has the capacity to support a new system or increasing patient demand.

HCTec works with hospital systems across the country to support their patient facing technologies, from telehealth systems to patient portal support. Our Managed Services business unit can rapidly deploy as an extension of your hospital’s IT departments, providing 24-hour physician and patient facing support, securely delivered by a certified and highly skilled U.S.-based staff. Backed by continual training and supporting infrastructure at our service centers, our team professionally supports about 60,000 EHR users and handles 3,000 service requests and 3,500 maintenance tasks during an average month.

To learn more about how HCTec can support your telehealth deployment and increasing patient demands, reach out to your account executive today.