A future-ready service desk has never been more important, particularly in today’s world of ever-increasing virtual interactions. As these experiences have grown more prevalent, so too have expectations for virtual and automated tech support. The great news is that you can meet these expectations and enhance user satisfaction – from the patient to the clinician to the administrative team – through innovative technologies available now, all while reducing costs.

Many health IT leaders assume that implementing new technologies to enhance the tech support experience comes with increased overall cost. That doesn’t have to be the case. By leveraging advanced technology seen in other industries, your team can implement efficient, user-friendly and intuitive tools to resolve IT help desk calls from both patients and internal users. Even better, you can do so while saving money.

HCTec’s modern approach to the healthcare help desk utilizes innovative tools such as:

By implementing many of these innovations, service teams can improve call response time and first-call resolution, as well as reduce call volumes by using AI-powered automated tools. In the long-term, this can result in lowered costs to your organization.

Constrained by budget or infrastructure?

No matter the level of your current infrastructure or the size of your budget, you can ramp up (or catch up) in ways that make the most sense for your organization.

What you want most is reliability and scalability.

What we hear most from health IT leaders is that it is all about getting the right call to the right person as quickly as possible.

With our modern approach, the new healthcare help desk deploys smart tools that can automate interactions, such as simple password resets or computer unlocks, and speed up identification and verification process to get to the heart of the call more quickly. Chat features also allow for faster and more efficient response, driving down call volume and length of call, while tools such as automatic tracking can save time and improve efficiencies in reporting.

These features establish a reliable foundation upon which to build a more robust service center.

Once the foundation is established, it becomes all about scalability and choosing the most appropriate upgrades for your infrastructure. For some, that might mean improved voice recognition or a better ticketing system. For others, that includes incorporating custom development and tools such as artificial intelligence, text mining, virtual agent functionality and software integration.

The right solution is determined by each company’s needs and goals. You deserve a future-ready service desk that can grow and evolve with your needs in a way that sparks efficiency, advances EHR functionality and helps manage costs.

We would love to show you what is available now with HCTec’s modern help desk and help you determine the right solutions to get your help desk future-ready and ultimately lower your costs.

To learn more, contact your HCTec account representative today.