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The Client

A large US-based health system that operates multiple hospitals with a broad and encompassing ambulatory footprint.

The Problem

HCTec has helped this client with many needs including Epic Application Support for their full suite of Epic applications.

In early 2021, the client was experiencing an influx of calls related to Epic’s MyChart patient portal due to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. The call volume was placing too much overall demand on their internal Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system and creating higher than normal wait times for both internal and external callers. As news of vaccine availability reached the community, they were flooded with vaccine-related questions and appointment requests, tying up phone lines and making it difficult for their staff to focus on non-COVID-related patients and health concerns.

Having established a relationship with HCTec for Epic application support, the client contacted us for immediate assistance in developing solutions to improve the patient experience.

HCTec’s Patient Portal Support team provides effective, customer-focused support to assist patients with technology issues, making payments, scheduling appointments, and more.

Our Solution

To reduce wait times and free up the client’s staff to focus on other patient priorities, HCTec created a specialized support desk for the Epic MyChart patient portal. Agents managed any portal-related questions or issues from current and prospective patients. The Clinical Service Desk was developed in roughly 2-3 weeks, including sourcing the 70+ agent team, building out a complex contact center interactive voice response (IVR) system, providing agents with HIPAA-secure workstations, training agents, and incorporating our shared service team for agent quality management, agent workforce management, and agent supervision. Typically, an implementation for a project of this size is 2-3 months, but they needed help immediately to improve the patient experience. Our Managed Services team was able to successfully flex and deliver the solution in the required time frame.


With HCTec’s accelerated project timelines, the client was able to successfully manage disparate patient concerns so that all patients could receive service quickly, whether needing assistance with the patient portal, the COVID-19 vaccine, or an upcoming surgery. Patients were able to continue relying on them for all their health care needs while the client ramped up their capabilities to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to patients. HCTec has been honored to support this client, their patients, and their state in their efforts during the pandemic.