When HCTec first launched our Managed Services capability, we developed foundational pillars to ensure that our team had a shared vision for how we would serve our healthcare clients.

Most often, companies that claim to be in the managed services space are simply offering contract staffing resources patched together into a makeshift team. They operate by hiring disparate consultants in a piecemeal fashion, bill by the hour, and haven’t made the underlying investments that a comprehensive high-quality Managed Services offering requires.

HCTec’s Managed Services business is different. We created our business as a true extension of our clients’ internal IT teams and invested heavily in our four pillars of Service, Security, Scalability, and Innovation.

This series highlights each of our pillars and showcases the ways in which they drive HCTec’s comprehensive Managed Services capabilities, which includes:

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SERVICE is the foundation of Managed Services, and HCTec.

When health systems seek a Managed Services provider, they need a trusted partner– a collaborator that will operate as part of their organization, delivering excellent service and support to internal IT teams, providers and patients. Service is central to every aspect of our organization, and it is the first foundational pillar of HCTec’s Managed Services offering. By operating with a service mentality, we are focused on delivering solutions tailored to the unique challenges healthcare professionals face.

PEOPLE are the heart of good service.

HCTec is laser-focused on bringing in the right people for health systems we serve. We custom build each of our Managed Services teams, utilizing dedicated recruiters who source from our network of highly skilled experts with extensive experience in Service Desk and Application Support.

INTENSIVE TRAINING ensures great service.

Once we’ve hired the right people, we make sure they are trained not only on service skills and technical workflows/issue resolution but also specifically on the systems, processes, workflows, and even the missions of their assigned health systems. The better our team’s understanding of a client, the better we can serve as an extension of their brand.

Training is an intensive process at HCTec, initially lasting up to four weeks. Some team members are trained for specific client accounts, while others are cross-trained to ensure service coverage and stability.

Our new team members participate in a tailored training program overseen by dedicated trainers who have extensive “on the ground” experience and delivered through our custom learning portal.

Skilled team members + effective training = RESULTS

With our highly trained and experienced team, patients and providers who call into the Service Desk can be assured excellent service. On average, our trained Service Desk agents answer calls within less than 36 seconds and have greater than 90% satisfaction. And because we know your work never stops, we answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

While some companies provide 24/7 service by outsourcing overseas, HCTec ensures reliability through an exclusively domestic team and redundant and overflow staff, available at all times. If a service representative who has been trained to serve one client is unavailable, another individual who has been trained for that client is called to fill in, ensuring a seamless service experience.

We also use advanced capabilities like workforce and quality management systems to appropriately distribute calls. These systems support scheduling around outages and agent breaks so that a trained individual is always available to field calls.

QUALITY Assurance

While our agents have been trained to resolve most issues on first contact, when unable to do so, we provide an escalation desk to ensure they are properly resolved.

Managing leads also ensure that analysts are adhering to service level agreements (SLAs) and delivering on our quality commitments through continuous monitoring and measurement. Client services managers are also embedded in client teams to monitor client satisfaction.

On every call, we meticulously capture information about the caller and nature of the call and have a process that allows clients to submit quality concerns. We also often record interactions for coaching and quality monitoring purposes.

A RELENTLESS pursuit of service.

Excellent service also means continuous improvement, and as customer preferences evolve, so do we. We continue to innovate and expand our offerings, incorporating technologies such as chat and automated recognition tools, and stay abreast of industry changes and advances.

At HCTec, any program, product or initiative that does not improve our ability to deliver excellent service is not worth doing. We are mindful of the trust our clients place in us, and we owe it to them to deliver the service they expect.

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And stay tuned for more insight on the foundational pillars that set HCTec’s Managed Services offering apart from our competitors.