As a healthcare provider training leader focused on electronic medical record (EHR) systems, you are challenged to provide high-quality training for your employees with a budget that is constantly being squeezed. This limitation makes a difficult task even more stressful and the need to find efficiencies integral to success.

Here are five steps every healthcare training leader should take to optimize their training strategy:

1. Decrease classroom time.

Reducing learners’ classroom time permits more focus on providing care and producing revenue for your health system. Training rooms and other resources required are lowered, as is the expense of backfill and time out of clinical service.

2. Create the optimal training team staffing model.

First, pinpoint your organizational training goals and then analyze your current state of EHR training. Next, decide what type of training will work best for your team—fully remote virtual training, or a hybrid system that includes the classroom setting? Choosing the right EHR training partner organization can help you decide which option will be the most successful.

3. Implement an automated training schedule.

Implementing cloud-based systems enables you to easily and efficiently create, monitor and analyze training—saving time, money and resources throughout the entire scheduling process.

4. Perform a comprehensive training analysis.

Have your training partner analyze the current state by focusing on areas such as curriculum, training team job scope, requirements, logistics, and processes. The subsequent recommendations create an optimized state which results in improved workflows, staffing efficiencies, cost reductions, and increased revenue opportunities.

5. Share your results.

Here again your training partner can be invaluable in providing a proposal of the optimization services identified—prioritized by the highest ROI action items—and work with you to develop and implement them.

What is the end result? A plan you can count on that tracks staffing inefficiencies, increases revenue and improves work flow.

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