Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems aren’t the most glamorous, but they are what drives a company, improves productivity and reduces the cost of doing business. Think of your ERP system like a car. You use it every day to get where you need to be and expect it will be reliable and running. But, what happens when you don’t service it with regular maintenance? Just like a car, your ERP system will start to cause problems and eventually break down.

So how can you tell if your ERP system needs maintenance? Ask yourself how often …

If these situations sound familiar, it’s time for an ERP system tune-up. As the only healthcare-specific ERP consulting solutions provider, here’s how HCTec can help:

Analyze and Assess: We explore how your system is functioning and walk you through the diagnosis.

Optimize: We implement our recommendations from the assessment and the recommended updates and changes from the manufacturer, and help train your users on new processes. We also ensure your organization is leveraging ERP features to their fullest potential.

Plan and Prevent: We help you plan what to do differently to prevent future problems.

Upgrade or Replacement: If your ERP system becomes costlier to maintain than to upgrade to a modern system, HCTec helps you explore recommended features and functionality, and delivers a full plan for implementation, training, and change management.

Think of us as your trusted ERP Service Technicians. Whether you have just switched over to a cloud-based system, need an ERP assessment, or are ready to upgrade to the latest ERP technology—HCTec is prepared to drive your company to success.