One of the greatest inventions of the last 100 years is the telephone. As telephony and its infrastructure grew, so did revolutionary new features and functionality.  Take for example, Caller ID, bringing the ability to see who is calling. This feature now permits call blocking and preventing phone numbers from even attempting to call a phone.

Just like with the telephone, ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems) now act like caller ID and call blocking for organizations.  Today’s ERP systems let organizations know who should have access to their networks, systems that contain PHI (Protected Health Information) or PII (Personally Identifiable Information), and any technology that would open the organization to unauthorized entry.

More specifically, the Human Capital Management (HCM) application within modern ERP systems has an organizational hierarchy that feeds network, technology and system user provisioning with additions, changes and terminations in real time.

Current ERP system security features also prevent unauthorized access and unidentified users from infiltrating networks, protect information and data from ransoming, and secure proprietary processes and competitive advantage.

Your ERP system manages and stores financial, purchasing, patient and other vital data. When was the last time you evaluated your existing ERP system(s) and your HCM configuration, or built an organizational hierarchy to ensure you can identify and block unwanted intruders trying to gain unapproved access?

HCTec has helped guide clients through the process of ensuring  the proper ERP modules, architecture, and workflows are in place to stop unsolicited visitors or intruders and to remove personnel who should no longer have access.

HCTec is the first and only healthcare-specific ERP consulting and staffing company in the United States, with years of experience implementing, deploying, optimizing and supporting Human Capital and Supply Chain Management, Financial Management and Workforce Systems in healthcare provider environments. We are equally familiar with both on premises and cloud-based systems.

Best-in-class healthcare providers take a proactive approach to security because an intrusion usually is not a question of IF an incident will occur–but of WHEN it will happen. If ERP security is of concern to you, let’s connect to discuss, or meet at the INFOR Winter Showcase later this month.