The COVID-19 pandemic has established a “new normal” for healthcare IT. Remote work and telehealth-related support needs have surged in recent months – and the day-to-day, “keep-the-lights-on” responsibilities haven’t slowed down.

HIT departments are handling new issues and more traffic today and could use more expertise and hands to get their jobs done. The good news is there is an abundance of talent available right now, and along with it, HCTec offers flexible options for filling in gaps and improving any team’s efficiency.

Enter HCTec Flex.

The HCTec Flex staffing model allows health systems to cost effectively scale teams and projects up and down within IT departments in whatever way works best for them. Whether to immediately fill a gap for a short period of time or for longer-term project staffing and leadership, there are options for finding the right fit. And with the abundance of talent in the market right now, it’s a great time to assess needs for full- or part-time contract, contract-to-hire or consulting positions within the organization.

Full- and Part-time Contract Staffing

HCTec’s specialized health IT recruiters have access to an extensive, curated database of highly qualified and certified HIT talent ready to fill essential roles for any healthcare organization. Whether for a full- or part-time position, we deliver the needed talent with the aptitude and experience necessary to be immediately effective.  Our team of experts have advanced skillsets in healthcare technology and a thorough understanding of requirements necessary to fill these positions. This allows us to appropriately vet and quickly deliver qualified talent. Many health systems have identified functional needs within their IT organizations that are not large enough to justify a full-time person. HCTec’s talent database includes candidates who want part-time contract positions, allowing them to add labor that meets their needs — and their budgets.

Contract-To-Hire Staffing

Some healthcare organizations are looking to test whether additional staff will make an operational difference in the IT department. A contract position is a less expensive and low risk way to investigate adding people or changing structure, and when it’s determined that a contract candidate is a great fit, converting that person to a permanent hire is an easy, cost-effective change.


Clients regularly come to HCTec in need of specialized individual talent required to plan and lead important HIT initiatives. Our consulting experts help clients develop solutions for outstanding project challenges and then drive that project’s success. These select, high-level managers approach transformative healthcare technology projects with extensive subject matter expertise, deep institutional knowledge and substantial experience.

Our Service Promise and Performance Guarantee

In addition to top-notch talent and flexible options, we deliver on a Service Promise that ensures prompt responsiveness to staffing requests (within 48 hours) with a selection of qualified candidates personally vetted by HCTec’s subject matter experts. And our HCTec Performance Guarantee provides that on the very rare occasion it’s determined someone is not a fit during their first 40 hours, we will pay for the time worked and provide a replacement for free.

Learn more about these flexible options available now for your HIT staffing needs.