Delivering Cutting-Edge Coding Solutions

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Leadership at Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center (LRH), a not-for-profit, community-owned health system located near Tampa, sought a more accurate picture of the services they were providing to patients. They wanted to know what kinds of cases were coming in, what treatments were being provided, and how sick their patients were.


With a rich history of providing innovative health services within the community, LRH was looking for a forward-thinking coding solution that, if done correctly, would positively impact LRH’s revenue cycle by decreasing costs and adding to overall quality of care. In the end, LRH partnered with HCTec to develop inpatient coding and clinical documentation improvement (CDI), and implement its one-of-a-kind diagnosis-related grouping (DRG) validation initiative, the Working DRG Program.


With HCTec’s team of professionals handling the DRG program, LRH had the bandwidth and the insights needed to treat patients more efficiently. Rather than focusing on just the symptoms, LRH could get to the root cause of an illness, which improved overall patient care. Instead of spending time searching for indicators, the in-house CDI team now has more bandwidth to dig deeper into clinical documentation and focus on specific codes or other tasks, such as reviewing other records.

The DRG program also saved LRH from having to hire two CDI specialists, resulting in a savings of roughly $80,000−$90,000 a year per specialist.