We see it every day in the industry press—the prognosticators are issuing their predictions for the future of healthcare and EHRs. Healthcare reform continues to be near the top of the list—and as we saw last year—predicting the political landscape is far from a sure bet. To quote Mark Twain, the only certainties in life are death and taxes. I add to the list of life’s uncertainties, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and healthcare reform.

One year ago, the future of the ACA was in deep doubt. Yet despite many reports of its planned demise, the ACA remains very much alive. Unable to slay the giant singlehandedly, tax reform legislation began to chip away at its provisions.

With this uncertainty, healthcare technology executives often sat on the sidelines last year, waiting for a clear direction to emerge. Meanwhile, the need for implementing, optimizing and maintaining robust and efficient systems remains a constant to continue competitive advantage and enhance return on investment. Whether you are undertaking a major training and implementation effort, adding new modules, or considering a migration to a new business application platform, you will always need highly skilled technical resources within easy reach to achieve your objectives.

Some of the needs will be ongoing tasks that can be handled by your existing IT team and their core skills set. Other projects and initiatives will have defined starts and ends requiring highly skilled experts who specialize in healthcare and your specific applications. You may have the technical expertise needed in-house, but not enough bodies for a large project. Or, you may not have the expertise required at all, and need a defined term consultant or team of experts to accomplish the task.  That is where a flexible, on-demand workforce solutions partner can be a critical advantage for you in the new year. 

As you begin executing 2018’s seemingly endless technical initiatives being requested of your team, don’t forget to account for your workforce needs and strategy to deliver upon those projects. No matter what happens with healthcare reform, the digital wheels of progress continue to turn at the speed of Moore’s Law. Be sure you are ready with the right resources when you need them from the right partner.

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Wishing you the best in the new year!