HCTec CEO Bill Grana was interviewed by HISTalk recently about the impact of COVID-19 on the health IT industry and trends we’re likely to see stick around even after the pandemic.

One of those trends includes the move to remote work, as many of HCTec’s health system clients have moved the entirety of their IT organizations to remote work situations. Many are likely to continue to support IT operations remotely, as it seems, from a service delivery and outcomes perspective, to be equally effective as onsite support.

Bill additionally identified the opportunity for health systems to capitalize on the success of remote operations and support of nonclinical functions outside the health system, citing the importance of focus to remain on hopsitals’ core competencies – which are provider support and high-quality patient care – while leaving other, nonclinical functions to be performed by expert partners who can often execute more effectively at a lower cost.

Bill also covered telehealth, investor interest in the health IT sector and the bright future of health IT. Read the full interview here.