“Vaccine distribution takes logistics on both the front and back end that affect the project’s success. Without proper coordination, strategy and preparation, health systems are floundering.”

In a recent issue of The Tennessean, HCTec CIO Rob Dreussi shared a few insights on the COVID-19 vaccine distribution challenges many health systems have been facing, and he offered a few tips to get them on track. After all, developing the vaccines was supposed to be the hard part.

In the op-ed, Rob highlight some of the stories HCTec has heard from clients about single-day call volumes quadrupling and phone systems and websites crashing – all potentially impacting standard health system operations. But hope is not lost. HCTec’s expertise lies in guiding health systems through unprecedented events like these. We have the knowledge, people and technology to support these organizations and streamline their efforts to vaccinate as many as possible, while maintaining current patient care operations.

Read Rob’s Opinion article in The Tennessean at this link.

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