Earlier this month, you were in Las Vegas exploring the best that healthcare information technology has to offer. You spoke with a wide variety of experts, suppliers, and providers. Each likely shared a version of the same narrative: “Every project we work on is different and every client is special.”

For HCTec, that is true as well—every project is unique and certainly, we deeply value each client relationship. But one thing remains constant in the evolving world of HIT—the need for best-in-class project management and leadership.

Your specific initiative may be an electronic medical record (EHR) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation, an upgrade to a new system or module, or perhaps ongoing optimization of your current system. HCTec has completed these types of large-scale projects for approximately 250 major hospital networks from academic medical centers to critical access facilities. And we have learned quite a few lessons for best practices in project management, no matter the size or focus of your initiative:

Key Resource Components 

Project Status Measurement

Change Management Support

I hope your time in Las Vegas was productive and enlightening. Now that you are full of fresh ideas, be sure to visit HCTec’s Resource Center to obtain valuable information and best practices from our work with leading healthcare systems as you embark on future endeavors.