Hospital systems need to ensure efficiency, satisfaction for patients and clinicians, and flexibility as telehealth support needs explode.

Telehealth has quickly moved from a convenient feature to a critical tool — it has never been more important for healthcare providers and their patients. As telehealth visits surge, IT support demands have fundamentally changed for hospital  leaders.

The statistics are eye-opening:

Those stats shine a spotlight on serious challenges for hospital IT leaders today — how to ensure efficiency, high levels of satisfaction for both patients and clinicians, and remain flexible. Does your IT team have the capacity and knowledge to support greatly increasing telehealth demands?

HCTec’s dedicated Telehealth Support Team is designed to be flexible and support each client’s unique needs. Hospital systems across the country are experiencing the benefits of working with a proven telehealth partner whose specialists help to make telehealth work easier and more effective.

That includes typical support desk tasks such as helping patients set up new accounts, change passwords, download apps and locate appointments. Additionally, HCTec is able to assist with the applications, technologies, and processes necessary to consistently drive a positive user experience.

Telehealth and virtual care solutions are here to stay. They can be widely beneficial to providers and patients alike, but it’s important to have the right skills for the right time in your telehealth journey. Your quality, speed, cost-effectiveness and user satisfaction depend on a smart approach.

HCTec’s Telehealth Services team can rapidly deploy as an extension of your existing help desk or other support teams, providing 24-hour and patient facing support, securely delivered by certified, highly skilled, and actively managed U.S.-based staff.

To learn more about how HCTec can support your telehealth deployment and increasing patient demands, reach out to your account executive today.