It’s an exciting time for HCTec. We recently announced the acquisition of Talon Healthy IT Services, a healthcare managed IT services company with operations in North Carolina and Wisconsin, and we couldn’t be more excited to have them join our team.

HCTec has the great privilege of providing innovative healthcare IT staffing, managed services, and EHR expertise to top healthcare systems and healthcare providers across the country. Our vision is to shape the future of healthcare through our people, our partnerships, and our solutions. Accomplishing that includes continuing our growth both organically and through strategic combinations so we can better serve an expanded set of client needs and drive value in new ways.

HCTec and Talon share similar cultures, a prerequisite to a successful business combination. Both put team members first and believe in delivering high-quality service and creating tangible benefits for clients. This stems directly from cultural foundations laid by HCTec’s founder, William Bartholomew, and Talon’s founder, Mike Linville. Talon’s 90 team members will join HCTec’s network of approximately 500 domestically-based IT and business professionals. Mike Linville will also join HCTec’s board of directors.

The future of healthcare is technology, and everyone from clinicians to hospital administrators to patients will see their routines and processes impacted by new developments and advancements. New technology will always require support, training, and optimization for success. HCTec has been a pioneer in the industry and adding Talon strengthens our capabilities in the IT help desk arena, particularly as relating to patient-facing support, and gives us new capabilities to serve physician practices and other smaller healthcare providers.

The future is bright, and we are excited to share more details on our expanded capabilities and service offerings.