EMR Go Live Support

Led by a team of clinicians who actively practice medicine using an optimized EMR platform, HCTec’s Clinical Transformation Practice (CTP) team has the proven experience and capability to manage all aspects of your EMR Go Live, including:

  • project planning
  • estimating at-the-elbow (ATE) and super-user staff resources
  • creation and management of master shift schedule
  • logistics planning
  • command center management
  • onsite management of at-the-elbow and super-user personnel
  • help desk personnel and approach
  • full 360-degree project planning

The Experience & Scalability for a Successful Go Live

Whether it is a team of 5 or 500, we have the experience and scalability to truly partner with your organization to ensure a successful go live.  Our primary goals during this critical time of transition are ensuring safe and efficient care is able to be delivered, your end-users feel fully supported, and that your organizationally approved workflows are being followed to allow your organization to reach its clinical, quality, and financial goals.

HCTec has an unmatched super user team of known, proven consultants and over 6 years of EMR Go Live and training experience. We have leadership with “insider knowledge” into staffing strategies and methodologies, as well as advanced workflows and functionality of several EMRs not typically used in “foundation” builds. We even have the ability to keep critical areas, such as the Operating Room, operating at 100 percent efficiency from day one of Go Live.

HCTec has the experience facilitating and supporting Go Live projects for multiple EMRs, including:

The Right Fit, The Perfect Match

We will customize our service offering to accommodate your needs by either providing full-scale management and resources to support your Go Live efforts or just a few experienced at-the-elbow (ATE) staff.  We work with your team to ensure that the approach and implementation methodology fits with your organizational goals and culture.

HCTec maintains a large staff of project directors, onsite shift supervisors, at-the-elbow support analysts, security analysts, and EMR infrastructure analysts to ensure that all aspects of your Go Live are well supported.

HCTec’s Five Star Certification Process

With many years of providing Go Live support, HCTec has been able to develop our own list of known, trusted consultants that we redeploy to support our implementations.

Currently, we have over 600 individuals across the country that have a proven track record and have met the qualifications to be considered a part of HCTec’s “Five-Star Certified” support personnel. In addition to having a proven track record with HCTec and having supported a minimum number of go lives, our Five Star process focuses around three key attributes:

  • Knowledge – The consultant must posses the requisite knowledge to support the EMR/Modules that they are assigned
  • Communication – The consultant must be able to effectively communicate their knowledge to the end-user, understanding that different communication styles are needed for various types of end-users (i.e. RN vs MD)
  • Reliability – The consultant must have a track record of being reliable with organizations  in meeting all schedule requirements when onsite

The Peer-to-Peer Difference

Some organizations, especially if transitioning from paper, may benefit from the extra support that is afforded with Peer-to-Peer support.  Because HCTec’s Clinical Transformation Practice is led by clinicians, we are able to provide a wide variety of practicing clinical personnel to support your Go Live alongside our ATE support.

This approach allows your organization to bring experienced physicians, advanced practice clinicians, nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, registered nurses, and other clinical personnel who utilize Epic in their daily practice of medicine to come along side your clinical team.  This approach allows HCTec to take support to a different level as our Peer-to-Peer approach can also be effectively utilized to assist with overall change management.

Superior Logistics

HCTec is a large company that deploys hundreds of consultants weekly supporting organizations in all aspects of HIM and HIT.  This experience and weekly deployment allows us to be extremely efficient when it comes to logistical planning.  In addition to our state of the art back office and onboarding tools, our onsite electronic tool is completely integrated into all of HCTec’s systems.

This allows us to provide instant insight and transparency about the program in order to more effectively manage resources. From snapshots into staffing allocation, time and attendance, GPS tracking to real-time information for budgeting and invoicing, our project team and your management team will have an accurate picture that reflects where we are at any point in time.

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