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HCTec’s Clinical Transformation Practice (CTP) team has an approach to training that recognizes the critical role that end-user education plays in the deployment of any electronic medical record (EMR) system.  Training is a key element, as it not only introduces the end-user to the basic functionality of the EMR, it also teaches them the organizational build and workflows that have been developed specifically for their organization.  Understanding the importance of those workflows is critical for organizations to meet a variety of clinical and financial goals.

We provide training solutions for a multitude of EMRs, including:

HCTec’s Training Leadership and Experience

Hospital networks trust HCTec because our team has experienced clinical and training professionals devoted to curriculum development (both in the classroom and eLearning), instructional design, end-user classroom training, and at-the-elbow (ATE) training and support.  Combined with our nationwide network of known, experienced training consultants, we have the unique ability to design and implement training solutions to meet any organization’s training goals.  At the same time, our experienced leaders are able to share our lessons learned from dozens of previous implementations to help your organization avoid potential pitfalls and help set up your program for success. Our leadership has “insider knowledge” into staffing strategies and methodologies, as well as advanced workflows and functionality of EMRs not typically found.

Full Training Life Cycle Support

Regardless of your training needs, HCTec has a wide variety of professionals that are able to partner with your organization for all your training needs.  These needs could involve curriculum development, training management, training the trainer, end-user training, or anything in between.  We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach and will customize a learning solution to meet your organizations specific training needs.

While you can always contact us for specific training needs, we are also equipped to do a training assessment to assist in identifying gaps, assisting with timelines and overall training program development, and partnering with you to ensure that all aspects of training are properly supported regardless of where the organization is during the training life-cycle.

Training Risk Mitigation

HCTec understands that all long projects are prone to unexpected events, and we have found this to be true with most training projects, which typically are four to six months in length. One of the biggest risks we have identified are team members having “life events” that create unexpected attrition on the internal training team. HCTec’s broad experience and large network of experienced training professionals allow us to quickly identify an experienced replacement that can join the team within days to ensure your training program continues to function at full capacity. It was due to this training risk that HCTec developed its proprietary Reserve Training Program™ to allow training programs to create a bench of trainers at no cost to the organization. This program has allowed training departments across the country to significantly mitigate the risk of losing internal trainers and ease budget constraints while utilizing local resources.

Training Dashboard

Screening candidates, especially for larger projects, is a process that can sidetrack organizations due to the significant amount of time required. With clients asking for a better way to review and hire training professionals, HCTec developed our HCTec Training Dashboard™ to facilitate this process.  Whether bringing on one or 100 training professionals, HCTec’s methodology and technology allows you to interactively view candidates’ profiles, including resumes, training expertise, and even video interviews.  Building your ideal training team has never been faster or easier.

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