EMR Optimization

While every implementation of an EMR system will be different, every organization strives to get beyond the stabilization phase and into the optimization phase. Both phases, however, are where existing build parameters and workflows are reexamined and recreated to create an improved EMR environment.

Insurance for Your EMR ROI

HCTec’s Clinical Transformation Practice (CTP) team has an approach to optimization that looks at the full cycle of care and EMR utilization and focuses on three primary areas:

  • End-user knowledge
  • Current build/workflows
  • Revenue cycle integration and effectiveness.

End-User Knowledge

The first area is overall end-user knowledge and how they are utilizing the functions already present in the EMR. Given the amount of knowledge that is conveyed during initial training our typical findings are a significant increase in end-user satisfaction and efficiency with some basic functionality training.

Build and Workflow

Secondly, we look at overall build and workflow elements to identify areas that have potential for increased efficiency. This is often done with a multi-disciplinary team that may involve our clinician leaders or other subject matter experts, a workflow analysis team, and IT analysts. With much of our team coming from optimized EMR platforms and having seen dozens of builds, we are able to quickly identify areas needing improvement and formulate multiple approaches to find the best solution for your organization.

Revenue Cycle Integration

We ensure that proper attention is given to the revenue cycle side of your platform. A key to sustainability to any EMR system is being able to fully appreciate the financial benefits of integrated clinical systems, but that can be difficult to achieve with “out of the box” or “foundation” systems. Problems can occur at almost every level of today’s EMRs that create problems for efficient and effective revenue cycle performance. Our team can analyze all aspects of your system to ensure your organization is appreciating full charge capture for all work done and truly experiencing full benefits realization and ROI on your EMR investment.

HCTec has the experience facilitating and supporting Optimization projects for multiple EMRs, including:

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