Build & Deployment Teams

With our unique capacity to provide clients with strategy and talent across multiple Healthcare IT skill sets, HCTec has developed efficient, template-able deployment models for specific Healthcare IT platforms and systems.

The Right Approach for Success

Our methodology is proven to effectively deploy your platform-specific Healthcare IT initiatives. HCTec’s team has developed proven inputs and tools to supercharge the timeline of your project.  This approach is designed to be template-able with pre-designed to fast-track the deployment process.

We have utilized the these deployment models within healthcare systems both large and small.  Our teams are varied and experienced with specialized tools to create effective and successful deployments.  With staggered delivery timelines, HCTec manages the scope and process to guarantee that each facility receives the appropriate amount of service and dedication.

HCTec EMR Builder Support

At the request of our clients, the HCTec team can act as an advisory level “help desk,” to improve clinical workflows and build best practices.

Our team is comprised of practicing, attending physicians who utilize Epic, or another particular EMR in their own practice daily. By taking this approach, our clients have been able to dramatically improve outcomes and end-user adoption rates through streamlining clinical workflows.

Additionally, our team has a proven track record because the M.D. level of support during Go-Lives has enabled healthcare systems across the country to capture tens of millions in revenue by helping these systems continue to run critical care areas (OR/ER) at full capacity.

Let’s Talk About Build and Deployment Teams

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